Precision Neuroscience is advancing brain-computer interfaces for breakthrough treatments in severe neurological conditions — just to start.

Traditional techniques lack scalability and functional breadth. They needed Bunsen to craft a brand that spelled long term success, and show them what a potential website could look and feel like — we did not disappoint.

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We had to effectively translate technical aspects of Precision Neuroscience's brain-computer interface technology into a clear and accessible message for audiences ranging from investors to surgical partners.

While maintaining the integrity and detailed information, our task was to distill the complexity into a format that resonates with everyone.

Working hand-in-hand with our client, we crafted language and a prototype site that did just that.

Brand & Identity

Precision's brand faced the exciting challenge of capturing how the company utilizes data from-and-to the brain. So we developed a dynamic brand system that seamlessly evolves, mirroring the ever-changing language of the brain.

This innovative logo reflects Precision's distinct approach to brain data while conveying agility and adaptability. It visually embodies Precision's focus on the forefront of neuroscience advancements.

“Bunsen took the time to truly understand what we're developing. Our branding is both beautiful and reflects the core of our technology – a very challenging combination to pull off.”

Michael Mager
CEO, Precision Neuroscience

Website & Content

Precision approached us with a request: to create a prototype website that would seamlessly showcase their sophistication. We knew it needed captivating animations and interactive elements. We envisioned videography featuring their proprietary ribbon-like 7-layer cortical interface.

Rising to the occasion, we meticulously crafted a multi-page prototype that not only demonstrated the possibilities but also provided Precision with a tangible glimpse into the remarkable potential of our collaboration — mad science.

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