When we met Unlearn, their AI-powered trial design had just earned preliminary approval from the EMA. The problem was that no one really understood the powerful work Unlearn  was doing let alone their larger vision to disrupt healthcare entirely.

Bunsen created clarity of message, a distinguished brand, and launched clear and well structured site to establish them as the emerging leader of AI in medicine.

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At the heart of Unlearn’s technology is the ‘digital twin’, a simulation derived from specific and individual human data. Specifically Unlearn has developed unique generative AI that forecasts a patient’s disease progression.

We developed sophisticated and inspiring language to communicate the different functions that digital twins will have throughout medicine.

Brand & Identity

Brand should be recognizable, memorable, and distinctive. We created a brand identity that positioned Unlearn firmly as generative AI powerhouse — grounded enough to illicit trust and novel enough to differentiate them.

“This website looks fantastic!”

Stefanie Millar


Utilizing Unlearn's updated brand and messaging strategy, we transformed information charts, data graphics, and bespoke team images. These core elements underpinned an adaptable, user-centric online platform and printed materials, conceived to engage and draw in prospective partners for Unlearn.

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