When we met Asimov, they were struggling to communicate the big idea behind their cellular design tools: that biology should be rationally engineered rather than created with trial-and-error.

We built a website that balanced the big picture of their ethos with the validation they have that their software and services work today.

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With messaging, our goal was to communicate Asimov’s genetic design tools in ways that resonated with cell line developers: as tools that transform genetic engineering into a proper engineering discipline, just like mechanical, aerospace, and electrical engineering did before.

Brand & Identity

We built upon Asimov’s existing brand to include mesmerizing 3D visuals, dimensional iconography, and a simple type system to subliminally express the sophistication of their technology with potential partners.

“People rave about the Asimov site”

Alec Nielson
CEO, Asimov


Using immersive visuals and animations, we were able to show—and not just tell—the different ways that partners can use Asimov’s tools and services.

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