When we connected with Eigen, they were facing the colossal task of pioneering a unique niche for priming therapies while needing to articulate how their platform wasn't just another face in the crowd of end-to-end AI platforms in drug discovery.

We crafted a thematic brand, an inspiring new site, and coached Eigen in their press & media outreach. Everything was unveiled at the 2023 ASH conference where it did more than just separate them from the pack—it served as a launchpad.

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To resonate with both insider audiences like pharma partners and audiences without familiarity with drug discovery, such as software engineers, we created messaging that balanced the line between sophistication and accessibility.

"Ben and Matthew are amazing to work with and are largely responsible for our company launch being as successful as it was. Bunsen is a rockstar team."

Transon Nguyen
CEO, Eigen Therapeutics

Brand & Identity

We intricately crafted a brand that fused Eigen's mathematical roots with their three-pronged platform: biology, robotics, and software. The identity positions Eigen at the crossroads of these interconnected disciplines.


We designed a website that skillfully conveyed Eigen's platform sophistication while educating unfamiliar audiences about the significance of their work.

This strategic approach empowered Eigen to capture partnership leads and attract talented individuals, bridging the gap between expertise and curiosity.

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