Modulo Bio is a emerging biotech company focused on reprogramming the brain's immune system to combat some of the world's rare diseases.

Since launching their new brand, site, and PR with Bunsen they’ve successfully raised an $8M round of funding.

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We crafted messaging that communicates the intricacies of involved in reprogramming with microglia by highlighting their significance in neuroprotection and showcasing how Modulo Bio's technology identifies and modifies microglial behaviors.

Technically specific but accessible — that’s our sweet spot.

Brand & Identity

Modulo Bio's brand needed to be transformative — an entirely new course for this industry.

Departing from the conventional norms, their brand was intentionally crafted to exude warmth, texture and be uniquely  memorable. This strategic shift positioned Modulo Bio as an outlier to pay attention to.

“Super excited about how the site turned out!! You guys are awesome.”

Michael Horowitz
CEO & Cofounder, Modulo Bio


Scott Patterson, the visionary co-founder of Modulo, set a bar high from day one. "Let's make Modulo the true maverick of biotech".

Armed with audacity, we set out on a mission to infuse Modulo's brand and site with distinctive flair. The outcome? A brand and website that rise above the crowd. A company as unique as the microglia themselves.

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