When Lytica crossed our path, they were tangled in the "how are we different" dilemma with other antibody-drug conjugates.

We threw them a lifeline, sharpening their spiel to catch the eye of potential pharma partners.

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Utilizing research with Lytica’s CSO and pulling in additional drug discovery experts, we defined “smart payloads”—stapled peptide payloads that integrate another layer of precision into ADCs.

We know, it's a mouthful of geek chic, but trust us, this is the kind of sciencing that makes pharmaceutical breakthroughs look like child's play!

Brand & Identity

Crafting Lytica's branding, we took a leaf from the book of life itself—the DNA spiral. Highly cherished by Lytica's founder, we aimed for the sweet spot—an overhead glimpse of DNA, keeping it symbolically uncluttered.

Did we just make DNA cool again?

“When Lytica needed to pivot from AMR to ADC, Bunsen's tactical guidance helped us tell our evolving story seamlessly and inspire both existing and potential partners.”

Rida Mourtada, PhD
CSO, Lytica Therapeutics


On a compact one-page canvas, we detailed the critical highlights and learning resources to spark genuine interest among potential pharma partners for Lytica’s smart payloads.

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