When HederaDx approached us, fresh off the heels of securing an impressive €14 million seed round from top-tier investors, they were determined to make a splash.

Their goal? To craft a captivating narrative that would educate and deeply resonate with audiences throughout the diverse field of cancer treatment.

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We aided HederaDx in elevating their language and messaging by devising a compelling content strategy.

Starting from scratch, we strategically crafted a user-centric UX that would engage their audience, transcending jargon. Our efforts resulted in a refreshed content experience.

Brand & Identity

We started the HederaDX branding endeavor with a goal to capture the essence of liquid biopsies and blood.

Our goal was to create a memorable mark that could be used across various applications without feeling cliché or obvious.

We crafted a versatile brand identity that elegantly conveyed their company’s unique significance in the liquid biopsy space. The result? A visual mark with a lasting impression.

“Bunsen always just gets us — immediately. It saves us so much time, and extra rounds of discussion — and always results in work at or above our lofty expectations”

Elodie Francisco
Head of Marketing / Hedera

Website & Materials

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a website and brand that skillfully wove a nuanced narrative around HederaDx's platform. By directly addressing the oncologists and pathologists on the forefront of liquid biopsy adoption, we equipped HederaDx with the credibility and authority necessary to forge their initial partnerships.

Our strategic approach yielded a compelling story that positions HederaDx as a trusted player in the field.

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